Create Your Own Tour

Pick your own tour and time.
It’s really that easy.

You found Hungry Town Tours on the Internet and looked at our website. You want to book a tour, but our times don’t quite fit your vacation schedule. We get it! We’re in the hospitality business. So, we take fun seriously. That’s why we developed ‘Create Your Own Tour’ to ensure you have a successful vacation experience. Let us know what time meets your schedule and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Online reservations do not necessarily work well for us – and you. By interacting with our customers, we can often make changes to our schedule to best fit in with your schedule. We understand that you are trying to pack in as many activities possible into your vacation or weekend.

Here’s an example of how our ‘Create Your Own Tour’ works for you…

  • You are vacationing with another couple. You are early risers. They prefer to sleep in. You’ve discovered our Early Risers Tour is the perfect way for you to enjoy a meditative ride down the Beaufort waterfront. But, you see the tour is scheduled for 8 am. We may be able to schedule that tour at 9 am. or later for you.

We experimented with this concept last summer. We have been able to accommodate 99% of our customer requests. Maybe that’s why Hungry Town Tours is the #1 Activity in Beaufort and on the Crystal Coast on We understand and want to make your vacation experience an enjoyable one that you will remember.

Get started on planning now. Click here for the schedule and give us a call!

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