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Bicycling in Beaufort

For those who prefer a more independent mode of bicycling vacation, Hungry Town Tours can provide you with a great map of bicycle routes for Beaufort, North Carolina.

The leisurely pace of life and the flat topography of the area make Beaufort an ideal place for getting around on bicycle. Businesses, schools, shopping areas and recreational facilities are all accessible by bike. The Beaufort Bicycle Route points the way with green and white bike routes signs which mark a six-mile loop around town.

The map outlines the route, highlighting the locations of points of interest, schools and shopping areas. A short loop along the waterfront and through the historic district is shown as are spur routes to Freedom Park and Jaycee Park. Connectors between the main route and residential area are also shown.

Residents and visitors alike will enjoy riding along quiet neighborhood streets to their destinations, avoiding the bustle of busy thoroughfares through town. Hungry Town Tours has bicycles and related equipment available on a space available basis when they are not doing tours. For more information and availability, call (252) 648-1011.

Daily Rental Rates.

$20, 2 hours

$30, 4 hours

$40, 8 hours

All rental rates include NC sales tax.
Helmets are not required over the age of 16. We encourage you to bring your own helmet.

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